Zenus Cooperative Society Software (ZCSS)

Traditionally, Cooperative Societies Maintain the records of members, their accounts manually in books and provide passbooks for each member just like banks were doing in those days

However banks have changed from manual book keeping to use Info Tech to Enhance efficiency in performance and passbooks are history

Zenus Cooperative Society Software is developed locally by programmers and Accountants versatile in auditing and who are also members of the Ministry of Cooperative Society in the federation for years.

Below are the Salient Features of this wonderful

Core Features:

Member Register
Entry Fee, Building and welfare Funds
Share Register
Guarantors Checking
Automatic Dividend Calculation
Dividend Register
Compulsory Savings
Individual & General Ledger
Audit Report
Automatic Interest Calculation
Loan Ledger
Journal Entry
Balance Sheet
Trial Balance
Income Statement
Mass Posting

ZCSS is easy to use software with tool tip and also has an in-built manual for easy perusal.