Zenus Payroll Management System (ZPMS)

Zenus PMS is designed to automate and streamline your Payroll processes with tools and controls to support complex legislative requirements and create value through timely financial monitoring .

It’s the best payroll system in Nigeria it comprises of two major modules the HR and Payroll management system all in one

It allows you to recall, view and analyses all your payroll data

Here are some of the highlights that make ZPMS the best Payroll software for your business:Core Features

Employee personal details, contact details, qualification, Emergency details, guarantor details e.t.c
Employee Payment method
Employee transfer, promotion and separation
Employee history record and lots more
Employee overtime management
Leave management
Loan and Advance management
Loan rescheduling, stop payment and settlement options
Interest on loan calculation if required
Allowance Earning/deduction can be defined
Dynamic salary formula creation
Salaries reprocess and posting features
HR/Admin can decide the interview panel for each recruitment process individually and rating for each process with interview date and time.
All details regarding the training to be conducted viz. date, time venue, budget, Candidates participating, alert to each participant irrespective of branch, department etc can be decided here.
Automatic calculation of PAYE
Employers and employee pension contribution deduction
NSITF, GLI, NHF and other statutory deduction.