Zenus School Administrative Software (ZSAS)

Zenus SAS  For Over 8 years we have created an unparallel school management system where every integrated piece works together  to create a seamless experience It’s a Complete Solution for managing all the activities in the School it manages Financial, Students Accounts, Academics and Inventory of the School.

The Features you’ll find below can be completely configured and customize to meet your needs. We know the Modalities of Operation Varies from one school to another. We want to have the Tools your school needs to create and grow successful, healthy and innovative institution and community.

Core Features:

Student Registration
Student Billing
Financial Accounting
Academic Records
Library Management
Report Card and Transcripts
Banking and Treasury
Teacher’s Payroll Management
Security Management System
SMS & Email Alerts to Parents/Guardian
Subject Teacher Module
Zenus Chatting Tool

ZSAS is a total School Administrative Software that is Flexible and enough to support your unique needs with user friendly data and Built in reports/forms writer it’s also a multi-user App that runs on Server Client System.